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SĐT: Máy: 0967118879, Phụ tùng: 0969022227

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* Super terminal PC software   *Super thick as 500g  *Super continuous cut as 300m  *Super accuracy as 0.05 mm  *Super width 1.8 m

Big LCD to show cut& plot status, adjust the values of cut-press& test the ink. Overlap Test for cut&draw Reset, Stop,   Pause, re-run,Move paper  Front&back

Model: UPC2- 180F cut with: 1. 8 m, advanced paper-transfer rollers and German bearing, motors etc.parts provide a high-precision&wear-resistant function, ensure to be joint perfect for 300 m plot&cut..


  6.1.  A computer can control more cutters by the router.
     6.2.  Super Terminal PC control software is unique in the world that preview, edit the queuing files in the server.
     6.3.  The server C ut/Plot center software can realtime communicate with Terminal software without walking.

     Advanced Cut/Plot center server software:

    6.4.  Auto recognize the cut/draw lines in all kind of CAD,

    6.5.  Realtime edit the cutting/plotting quantity&display the queue files status.

    6.6.  Select & Define  Inner Cut/ External Cut/ Half Cut //Draw lines into different other lines, changes can be saved for future use the by related colors.


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