Máy in sơ đồ GT-TU2-185 Jindex


5,000,000 đ

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ID: 9
SĐT: Máy: 0967118879, Phụ tùng: 0969022227

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1. Advanced&Unique lights display control  testing printing, resume origin, stop, Pause, run, move for up, down left&right

2. Left urgent key in Silver end covers  &Nice transparent tea color Perspex cover,good & strong aluminum stands.

3. Super intelligent printing software with “setup by 1 key.”, queue&save paper printing etc.

4.  A PC can control as more as 50 plotters by routers as unique technology, each plotter can be controlled independently

5.  Standard plotters with 2 Hp45  Cartridges heads, can be upgraded into 4 heads to reach 200 sqm/hr


6. Directly be work with PC&plotter except by routers.

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